Things you can do in Morocco

If you are planning to spend your vacations somewhere, there is no better place than spending it in Morocco. It is one of the famous cities in Africa that you can ever witness. So if you are now planning to go on short morocco tours, you must visit the following places there:

·        Jemaa el Fnaa:

The Jemaa el fnaa is a market where merchants and entertainers are engaged with tourists and buyers. If you want to buy gifts for your family, there is no better place to buy it than jemaa el fnaa. If you want to take side trips from Marrakech, you must visit this place too.

·        Ouzoud waterfall:

It is one of the famous waterfalls where you can see nature at its peak. You don’t only see the water there, but you will also see monkeys there enjoying with the water and tourists. If you also want to see it, it is located in a village near Marrakesh name Azilal.

·        Saadian tombs:

These tombs are historic because they date back to the saadian dynasty. Ahmad al-Mansur and Mohammed ash-Sheikh are buried inside these tombs and it has been attracting tourists and historian since then.

·        Kotoubia mosque:

Kotoubia mosque is famous because it is a mosque that was made in the 12 century and now it has been the center of attraction for many tourists. It is also one of the largest mosques in morocco with a very beautiful garden outside it.

·        Casablanca cathedral:

Morocco is not only a center for the Islamic history, but the Christianity too. This is evident from the presence of Casablanca cathedral there. It has most of the ancient artifacts and Gothic culture revival. So if you visit it, you must go to Casablanca too.

·        Cyber Park:

If you are looking for a place to enjoy with your family in Morocco, you must take your family to the Cyber Park. The most unique thing about this park is that it is built on the historical patterns with the best fountains and paths. So do visit it once in your life.

·        Dar Batha:

Dar batha is one of the places that you must visit while Morocco day tours. It is one of the ancient royal palaces of kings in the past. So if you want to see the old architecture and artifacts, this is a place you must go to.