Features a Desert Safari Deal Must Have

The deserts of Dubai are popular for their red dunes. It’s a shame to visit Dubai and not see the famous red Arabian Desert. But choosing the right tour deal among the hundred others present on the internet is a confusing process and often we end up with a bad deal with poor services. That’s why, to make the selecting process less confusing for readers, this article lists some features that you’re Dubai Desert Safari Package should have.

Online travel companies provide all the necessary information regarding the deals on their website. Make sure to visit website and do a thorough research before finalizing your contract. Desert Safari Deals are mostly sorted out by the number of people and the cost of the package depends on it. Look for the following features when choosing desert safari deals.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is basically a very bumpy ride along the dunes of the desert, which is exciting on its own. The dangerous ride gives an adrenaline rush and is suitable for adventurous people. You can choose the African style wildlife safari ride which is less dangerous if you want a comfortable ride however, it will take longer to get to the campsite.

Camel Riding

Camel riding is a must when touring the desert. Your tour package should have a camel riding option. Mostly, you will complete the latter half of the journey on camels. The ride itself is very enjoyable and you should not miss this opportunity of riding the ship of the desert.

Professional Photography

No doubt you will be taking a ton of picture on your Dubai tour but some companies provide this feature by default in their tour package. You will be able to take pictures of yourself and the sunset by professional photographers. The HD pictures are totally worth the extra few dollars you’ll have to pay for this service.

BBQ Dinner and Overnight Stay

Travel companies have their private camps at the campsite, which is the final destination in your desert tour. You’ll be staying overnight at this camp but before that the company shall provide a mouthwatering BBQ dinner. The dinner is exclusively Arabian cuisine with a few side dishes that are suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.


There are a lot of entertainments at the campsite, the highlight of which is the belly dance. A professional belly dancer will entertain you. You can also enjoy traditional Tenure dance. In addition to dances, you can also enjoy a great Fire show. The whole evening is an exciting mix of activities where you can simply enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

Camp Facilities

The camp provided by your travel company should have all the basic facilities required to spend a night. You should have separate beddings and the camp should be clean. You travel company should take special care of the hygiene since you’ll be sharing the camp with other people. The tour deal should include unlimited water supply but some companies provide soft drinks as well.