Enjoying the Thrilling Adventure of Desert Safari and Dune bashing in Qatar

While visiting Qatar, the tourists can actually get to enjoy a traditional hospitality similar to that of the ancient times which is beautifully merged with the cosmopolitan satisfaction.it opens a vista for the tourists to explore the rich cultural heritage of the land along with thrilling adventures. All of these together helps the visitors to bring back home some fresh good memories and new experiences. The adventure seekers can enjoy the utmost in Qatar and besides it also attracts the visitors from all across the world to enjoy its local culture and its glittering shopping malls. Or one will also have the option of simply relaxing by the pools. Going for a trip to Qatar can be a vibrant one and mainly when one visits Doha, the capital of the country. This place is actually located in a desert where one can not only find the traditional souks but also the shopping malls. The skyline of the country is quite impressive and the sandy landscapes are truly breathtaking. Lately, it has also caught the eye of all the sports enthusiasts as the World Cup 2022 will be taking place in Doha.

Desert Safari in Qatar

A trip to Qatar will surely not be a waste as one will get to enjoy incredible adventures all through his journey throughout the country and as he travels into the desert with an endless heart. The Qatar desert safari unravels the raw beauty of the desert as one travels through the sand dunes and with a close ear to the atmosphere, one can actually listen to the shifting of the sand while moving down the sand dunes and the slopes formed by the same. The Inland Sea is warm enough to welcome the tourists so that they can have a swim in it which is sure to rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul before they head towards the city again. It is one of the two countries on Earth where the sand dunes get to meet the water of the ocean and hence, a swimsuit and sunscreen is a must to carry with the camera while going on the qatar desert safari. Visiting the Inland Sea is one of the most splendid ways of spending a day during the Qatar tour. Most of the tours are customized according to the timeframe of the clients along with their budget and needs. It is one of the most terrific tours as one can enjoy some really great landscapes in the heart of the desert.

Dune Bashing – An Activity to Enjoy

Most of the tourists who go out on the desert safari in Qatar will surely keep the Dune Bashing on their to-do list. The dune bashing is an adventurous activity where the tourists get picked up in a four-wheeler during the desert safari. The vehicles associated with the dune bashing in qatar generally have enough place for six people and is also a great way of having new friends. The vehicle will then be driven to an exact area where the air in the tires will be made to deflate so that driving in sand becomes easier. With the dune bashing in qatar, one gets the chance to visit some of the exotic locations and then the dune bashing will make the car run in a crazy manner with the hearts of the passengers racing.

There is no need to worry about the car getting topsy-turvy as all the drivers are professional and at the end, the passengers are taken to a Bedouin camp where they can get to enjoy with the foods and drinks. The desert safaris also involve a bonfire near the tent with barbeques, belly dancers, enjoying the traditional shisha, camel rides and much more. The safari gives the travelers a perfect depiction of the Bedouin culture and all the activities involving the safari are highly enjoyable and refreshing.