Tips for European Travel

Do you have a trip to Europe that’s been on your bucket list for too many years? Notions of roaming from one European capital to the next are a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Another option is to actually begin the planning process. The variety of trips, excursions and destinations within Europe are really only limited by your imagination. The success of any major trip lies in advanced planning. The earlier in advance the planning is begun, the greater the chances are to take advantage of a myriad of discounts and reduced travel rates. Follow the recommendations from the professional travel gurus to jump start your planning process for a trip of a life time. There’s no better time than the present to get started!

The first step is to set a budget and commit to sticking with it. After a budget has been determined, select dates that are at least six months in advance. As you begin to consider which countries to include in your visit, bear in mind that it is recommended to spend at least three nights in each destination. Any shorter length of time and you’ll find that an overwhelming majority of your time will simply be spent travelling. Plan to fly in and out of a major European capital to secure the best airfare rates.

Check that your passport has at least ninety days remaining prior to expiration after the return date on your round trip ticket. Applications for new and renewal passports can be had at your local post office. Allow at least three months processing time during the busy months leading up to peak travel season.

Check with your back and order euros. While you can certainly exchange dollars at train stations and airport kiosks, the exchange rate is generally more favorable in the United States. Bear in mind that many smaller establishments and restaurants do not accept credit cards. It is much more of a cash economy than what is customary in the United States.

Finally, begin the packing process. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and snag a Mackage coupon. They offer a huge selection of stylish and comfortable clothing that’s great for exploring the cities and villages of Europe. Pack light as you’ll be carrying your luggage on and off trains and in and out of hotels. Prepare to have grand time and make memories that will last a lifetime.